I am always pleased to read of studies that show piano lessons to be of great benefit to children. But I really don’t need to see the studies.  From the teenager who thought he couldn’t do anything well until he mastered a Bach Minuet that he was sure was impossible. To the uncoordinated hyperactive 3 year old, that became accompanist for  the choir of his large high school. The girl who was poor in math who went to A’s after she learned the Bach gigue as I told her she would, and my own six children. I have seen enough. Anyway it really is fun to play the piano well and the better you can play the more fun it is.


Do schools today kill creativity?   - Sir  ken Robinson

“...the current systems of public education were never designed to develop everyones talents. They were intended to promote certain types of ability in the interests of the industrial economies they served.”     Ken Robinson

This little snippet of practicing was made with an iphone. To learn how this sport learned to play the piano  click here.

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