How to read music

Made on a Mac

Reading Music

I have developed a really simple, quick, free, way to begin reading keyboard music. Though I designed it especially for teachers or parents of children, if you want to learn to read music the easiest way, and if you don't have time for inefficient standard methods, try it! You will be pleasantly surprised. You and any little rascals you might know will get, as quickly as possible, to a level where you can actually enjoy reading music.

Even if you can already read music and find this program so very easy, going through it several times will improve your reading skills. I am still working on the site and will appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvement. It's been tested on people aged 4 to over 70. A seven year old loved it and refused to stop after 20 minutes. He actually finished the whole thing.

I suggest you do not spend more than 20 minutes at a time and instead start with the first section and repeat each section until you can get through it in less than 1 minute.    However, the last two could take 5 minutes each if you don't use the shortcuts.

Young Children

Very young children will need adult help as they need to be able to recognize and name basic geometric shapes, know directions such as right and left, up and down, high and low, know the names of a few colors and be able to count to 26, and of course they will need someone to read the directions to them if they aren't reading words yet. Young beginning children do best if they wait to actually read a piece of music until after they can play it very well. And, ideally, they will hear the piece in their mind before they begin to play it.