Unfinished giraffe by Bufano

Here is one of my favorite Ted talks. Maybe the internet could save the world. Especially if it is true that we are in the third world war, and it is a war of ideas, as some have said. Two more of my favorites are on the next page (School). Check out the TED site for more information about these videos. Except for a very few words, and the comments above,  all  information about the videos on this page  is from the TED site.

 Who will Save the World?

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In the late 50's, my sister and I had been arguing about who or what was going to save the world. She thought it was dance, and I thought it was good nutrition. We went to hear a speech by the sculptor Bufano where we were informed by an apparently slightly drunk Bufano, that it is art that will save the world.

Pablo Casals once said, “Maybe it is music that will save the world,” and violinist Laurie Niles believes, “Maybe it is the Internet that will save classical music.”

If the internet saves classical music, and music saves the world, then isn’t it true that the internet saves the world??  Well considering all the time I (and nearly everyone I know) spend on it, I certainly hope it saves something!

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